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4th of July Cross Stitch Patterns

Show your patriotism with these classic cross stitch designs perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July! We have a fabulous collection of cross stitch patterns and cross stitch leaflets that will inspire you to get out your needle and thread and celebrate the momentous occasion of Independence Day.

These beautiful embroidery gifts will stir up a sense of gratitude for the visionaries who crafted a nation founded on liberty and equality. Celebrate every month of the year with a unique design. Craft cross stitch designs that not only beautify your home but also serve as powerful reminders of the enduring values that define us as Americans. Show your love for the USA when you choose these Fourth of July cross stitch designs to embellish sweatshirts and T-shirts. Stitch a design of a cute family of teddy bears celebrating under the Stars and Stripes flag, or choose an “I Love America”, or “Go Fourth” inspirational message.

Framed embroidery wall art images of children waving flags will become treasured heirlooms to be handed down through the generations. You can also finish these home cross stitch designs as picnic table cloths, towels, bread cloths, napkins, cross stitch pillowcases, or frame them to decorate any room of your home for Independence Day.

Intertwine the threads of history with the fabric of the heart, and create timeless works of cross stitch art that capture the spirit of the Fourth of July!