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All Needlepoint Patterns

Our vintage needlepoint patterns offer the opportunity to get creative and make stunning framed embroidery wall art, personalized embroidery towels, aprons, picnic bread cloths, tablecloths, and cozy cushions to curl up with and enjoy a good book.

Are you a beginner wanting to learn about the art of needlepoint? Our fabulous Needlepoint Primer is a great way to start your journey. It features two lovely abstract needlepoint designs that use 29 different stitches. Practice these basic techniques with the help of the needlepoint patterns and you will soon become a pro, crafting embroidery gift ideas for loved ones and friends for any occasion.

Transform your kitchen into a wonderful country-style haven with our Kitchen Stitchin’ needlepoint patterns. These nostalgic designs will add a rustic charm to your kitchen, walk-in pantry, dining patio, or breakfast nook. Craft a home cross stitch design of juicy ripe red tomatoes ready for bottling. Add a burst of color to a wall with a farm embroidery design of bright yellow lemons in a woven basket. Tempt friends to come over for tea with an embroidery wall art hanging of a freshly-baked apple pie!

Mix and match the needlepoint patterns to create your own style and show your artistic flair. These vintage designs also make wonderful embroidery gifts for birthdays, engagements, Mother’s Day, avid cooks, and new homeowners.

We are always on the lookout for vintage, hard-to-find, and out-of-print needlepoint patterns, so check back often for new ideas!