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Animals & Nature Cross Stitch Kits

Bring the joy and beauty of nature into your home with our stunning animal embroidery kits and nature embroidery kits. Turn thread and fabric into heartfelt creations that blend art, God’s animals, and emotion.

Capture the spirit of mischievous cats, ethereal butterflies, and graceful birds. Relax after a busy day and enjoy a tranquil farm cross stitch scene of an Old Mill, a serene beach, or a country house surrounded by vibrant fall leaves.

This beautifully curated category of animal cross stitch designs and nature cross stitch patterns can be finished as wall hangings, pillowcases, ornaments, coasters, and eye-catching tissue box covers. We also offer nature embroidery waste canvas kits that allow you to place designs on anything you want, from sweatshirts to T-shirts, aprons, caps, and tote bags!

For cat lovers, we have a purrrfectly delightful selection of animal embroidery designs featuring adorable cats at play, soaking up the sun on a windowsill, relaxing in a garden of flowers, or nestling in a basket. For tech-lovers, you can even make a mousepad featuring a computer-friendly cat. These nature cross stitch designs make fabulous gifts for any feline-lover.

Are you looking for a nature cross stitch pattern idea for a child’s bedroom? Why not brighten up a wall with a cute buzzing bumble bee or a fun bird embroidery design of a little yellow canary surrounded by musical notes? For a lady’s boudoir, choose spring embroidery designs of daffodils in a pitcher, irises in a watering can, or an exquisite floral garland to decorate a pillowcase.

Bring God’s creations into your home when you stitch these breathtaking images of animal embroidery and nature embroidery designs.