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Embroidery for Bird and Animal Lovers

If you delight in the beauty of birds, animals, and nature, our captivating selection of embroidery wall art is a true treasure. Each piece is meticulously machine embroidered and lovingly hand-assembled, ensuring a remarkable blend of artistry and passion.

Decorate your home with these stunning embroidery wall décor pieces and transform your kitchen, living room, hide-away, enclosed patio, or bedroom into a haven of natural splendor.

Create a gallery wall of bird embroidery designs featuring cardinals, goldfinches, elegant white swans, robins, meadowlarks, and jaybirds. Each embroidery hoop wall art piece is finished with a wooden frame and exquisite luxurious double layers of delicate lace. These bird embroidery artworks make unique gifts for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and engagements.

For a country-inspired kitchen, we have a fun animal embroidery wall art with the words ‘Home is Where the Herd Is’, capturing the essence of a small farm homestead where the land’s blessings are cherished.

Look no further for the perfect baby shower or toddler’s birthday embroidery gift idea. Our magnificent Noah’s Ark scene is sure to delight small children. This detailed cross stitch piece is crafted in 18 bold colors and features pairs of lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, kangaroos, bears, penguins, skunks, pigs, foxes, zebras, elephants, and more. Embark on a delightful cross stitch journey as children discover the iconic Bible story of perseverance, hope, and love.

Ready-made embroidery hoop wall art and framed embroidery wall art offer a wonderful opportunity to present a unique gift and bring a touch of tranquility and awe-inspiring beauty to cherished spaces.