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Black Swan

Weave an enchanted dream world into reality with exquisite cross stitch designs from the Black Swan Collection. These beautiful embroidery kits offer the ethereal beauty of fairies, the serenity of gardens, and the grace of angels. They can be finished as embroidery wall hangings, cross stitch pillowcases, embroidery gifts, or a special treat for yourself!

Bring the joys of spring into your home with our View to a Spring Garden. This spring embroidery design includes a cross stitch pattern of a garden filled with birds and blossoms and features the words ‘Rejoice in Bird Song, Linger in Flower Scent’.

Decorate a little girl’s bedroom with a lovely Winter Fairy. This limited edition cross stitch copy is signed by the designer, making it a rare treasure for an embroidery enthusiast. We also have an enchanting Dew Drop Fairy that can be crafted as a special wedding cross stitch gift or hung as a framed embroidery wall art piece in your family room.

Delight a nature lover with a beautiful rendition of Aurora, Guardians of Nature, stitched in delicate tones of blue. This nature cross stitch pattern depicts the angel surrounded by Arctic creatures, including an orca, polar bears, a snowy owl, seals, and penguins.

For a follower of Christ, we have a beautiful Christian embroidery gift of the Archangel Michael. In this heavenly cross stitch design, he wears a flowing robe of blue, red, and gold as he shields individuals from harm and guides them on the path of righteousness.

Are you off to a Halloween Party? Why not give your host a fun embroidery gift featuring a jack-o-lantern with a bat, a spider, and spooky ghost companions?

Unleash your creativity with these glorious cross stitch designs from our Black Swan Collection.