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Dimensions is an iconic company loved by embroidery crafters of all skill levels. They offer a distinctive range of high-quality cross stitch patterns, needlepoint kits, embroidery designs, and crewel embroidery kits in a wide choice of themes for all tastes and all occasions.

Craft beautiful nature cross stitch kits with delicate images of flowers and colorful butterflies, perfect for decorating a lady’s boudoir. For bird lovers, we have a glorious bird embroidery kit featuring a trio of hummingbirds gathering nectar from vibrant pink fuchsia flowers. We cannot forget cat-lovers! Delight a friend with a heartwarming animal embroidery design of a Siamese with Kittens.

Welcome the festive season by decorating your home with joyous red, green, and gold Christmas cross stitch patterns. Craft a fun Christmas Cat holding a welcome sign or a cute ‘Let the Snow Begin’ banner held aloft by a smiling snowman.

Inspirational sayings make wonderful personalized embroidery gifts. For a child’s birthday, the adorable Earthly Inspiration Angel Teddy cross stitch kit carries a message of hope, love, and wisdom.

Followers of the Christian Faith will be delighted to receive a Christian embroidery gift featuring a magnificent Angel of Light dressed in ornate pink and purple robes. This cross stitch kit is a true testament to your love of the craft of embroidery and your Love of the Lord.

Do you have an aspiring ballerina in the home? Offer her a stunning embroidery gift of a young girl putting on her dancing shoes. For a home with uninspired walls, add your personal touch of décor magic with charming home cross stitch designs of a Country Bathroom, a Still Life Welcome scene, or a spring embroidery design of Summer’s Glorious Bouquet.

Dimensions offers legendary designs that will inspire your cross stitch journey for years to come. There is a choice for every special occasion, cherished memory, and creative vision imaginable.