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Glass Bead Kits

Our glass bead kits elevate your stitching creations with an enchanting touch of dazzle, shimmer, and shine! Perfect for the festive season, they effortlessly capture the essence of celebration and joy.

Are you looking for Christmas embroidery designs for your tree, searching for embroidery gift ideas, or planning to create a breathtaking Christmas embroidery table centerpiece? Our Glass Bead Kits will add a touch of festive magic with every stitch.

Bring to life the joy that children experience during the Christmas season. Our delightful Christmas cross stitch counted glass bead kit features a little child wrapped up against the winter chill, standing next to a sparkly Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. Then, add more festive cheer with a glorious Starlight Santa Christmas. This glass bead cross stitch kit comes with a unique glass treasure, adding a touch of intrigue to the festive fun.

We also have a smiley Freida Frosty Snowman and a heavenly Crystal Angel glass bead cross stitch design that will make a glorious topper for your tree. For the children, make the occasion memorable and offer each an adorable Christmas Teddy Bear glass bead cross stitch Ornament as a gift to take home.

Craft a beautiful Christmas cross stitch banner to welcome guests at your front door. The Picket Fence Christmas Tree banner features a glass bead tree stitched in rich green textures, topped with a golden star, and decorated with dazzling crystal treasures.

Embrace the magic of the holiday season with our glass bead kits. They are sure to add a sparkling touch of Christmas cheer to your décor theme.