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New Cross Stitch Kits

This exciting collection showcases cross stitch kits recently added to Embroidery Outpost. Keep up to date with the latest designs and ideas that will fuel your passion for stitching, keep you entertained, and delight the family with your creations!

Our patriotic cross stitch designs and Fourth of July cross stitch kits hold a deep significance for many Americans. These iconic images offer a way to celebrate freedom, express national pride, and honor the core values that define the United States. Craft a stunning Liberty Bell, A ‘Keep the Power Dry’ embroidery wall hanging, or a Bicentennial Eagle.

Christmas is a time for joy, sharing, bonding with family and friends, and radiating festive cheer. We have a fabulous choice of Christmas cross stitch patterns from cute Christmas Cats to Nutcrackers, Merry Christmas embroidery ornaments for your tree, and fun ‘I Can Bearly Wait’ cross stitch ornaments for the kids.

Our Lord is abundant with his Love and Guidance, and the perfect gift for a person of Faith is a beautiful Christian cross stitch design carrying a special message from Psalm 17 - ‘Keep me as the apple of thine eye’.

Honor Mom on Mother’s Day for her hard work and endless dedication to the family. Choose a fun S.W.A.K Kiss Seal or a beautiful Mother’s Day embroidery design ornament featuring a bouquet of pink and purple flowers, finished in a blush-pink frame.

For nature lovers, we have a new bird embroidery kit featuring exquisite Hummingbirds sipping nectar from vibrant pink fuchsia flowers. It makes a fabulous embroidery gift idea for a special occasion.

And, when you need a little inspiration and dare to dream, brighten up a wall in your family room with a glorious home cross stitch smiling yellow star above the colorful words ‘Make a Wish’.

Check back often for more new cross stitch designs and ideas!