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New Embroidered Baby Bibs

Turn mealtime madness into mealtime magic with our new range of embroidered baby bibs. These bibs aren't just for catching spills, they are the secret to keeping baby happy and inspired while you get her to eat up all the food!

Baby bibs don’t need to be boring and dull. Add a touch of color and cuteness to mealtimes with these adorable embroidered designs.

Find the perfect embroidery gift ideas for new parents, baby showers, baby's first birthday, and baby reveal events with our delightful collection of baby bibs. The baby bibs have a safe Velcro fastener that can be adjusted as the baby grows. They are made from cotton with piped edging and have a soft backing to protect the baby’s delicate skin. The bibs can be machine washed and dried and come with complete care instructions.

Choose a fun animal embroidery design of a cute snuggle bunny rabbit, a leopard in pajamas, or a fawn in pajamas. For a visit to Grandma, we have a fabulous design that reads ‘Granny Magnet’. Kids love Teddy Bears and our adorable Teddy Bear in Pajamas makes a great choice for a 1st birthday.

If you enjoy a quirky embroidery gift idea, choose the grinning mischievous baby with the words ‘Chicks Dig Me’, the ultra-cool Super Baby, or the Demolition Expert, ready to wreck havoc.

These ready-made bib embroidery gifts capture the innocence and joy of babyhood and will delight baby and parents alike.