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New Embroidery Wall Art

Our latest collection of embroidery wall art creations showcases stunning gifts for those who appreciate the splendor of nature, the timeless allure of beauty, and the artistry of intricate craftsmanship.

These captivating pieces will enhance living spaces with their exquisite designs, bringing a touch of serenity, and making truly unforgettable embroidery gift ideas.

Embrace the spirit of love and celebrate a cherished relationship with our enchanting Lovebirds Valentine's Basket. This exquisite nature embroidery design captures the essence of romance, featuring two white birds nestled amidst a basket adorned with vibrant red, pink, and yellow roses, all delicately topped with a graceful pink bow. The finished piece is framed with a wooden hoop and luxurious layers of red and white ruffled lace. This embroidery hoop wall art piece is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, a wedding embroidery gift, or an engagement gift.

For nature lovers, we have a glorious bird embroidery design of a magnificent white swan floating serenely in a pond, surrounded by pink lily pads and purple flowers. The piece is framed with a wooden hoop and luscious layers of delicate white lace. The eye-catching dimensional effects on the wings and flowers are created with multiple layers of embroidery stitches.

Both these designs are machine embroidered and hand finished with love and care, to bring you a unique embroidery gift idea that will be treasured for years to come.

Secure your embroidery gift today. We have limited quantities of these enchanting designs, and we would not want you to miss out!